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Open Commission , Yay C: - (Still open)

2013-10-02 00:40:27 by daikazoku63

I will draw:

Anime Manga style

I will not draw:

Shounen ai , Yaoi , Hentai


Payment method: Paypal



Rough sketch and line art: Head shot : 5$/character ( +3$ for every additional character )

( I haven't any example yet )

Haft Body: 7$/character (+4$ for every additional character)

( I haven't any example yet )

Full body: 10$/character (+6$ for every additional character)


Coloring: Head shot : 8$/character (+5$ for every additional character)(+3$ for simple background)

( I haven't any example yet )

Half body : 12$/character (+10$ for every additional character) (+3$ for simple background)


Full body : 20$/character (+10$ for every additional character) (+3$ for simple background)


Please contact me through NGĀ 

Skype : daikazoku63

In email contents,please tell me your character's information, such as hair, eyes, pose, etc.



If you order rough sketch, I will send you the drawing after receiving money.

If you order coloring, I will show you the sketch, if you are satisfied with it, just send me the money, after receiving money, I will send the finished one to you.

If I am permited , the drawing will be posted on DA with very smaill size.

This is the first times I have had a commision, please forgive me if I have mistakes, and advices are much apreciated.